The Advantages And Caveats Of Bemer Technology

By Maria Ross

Since the world is so fast paced and economical right now, treatments that claim an umbrella scope are widely regarded and vied for. Who wouldnt want to try a certain treatment that claims to ensure general well being and supposedly contribute to cardiovascular or some such health. Bemer technology Texas is one such therapeutic application.

Bemer is an acronym for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation. It is a kind of low frequency pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. As with all kinds of alternative medicines, it claims that when every microcosm of our body, from the cells to the tissues, are adequately nourished, all can be healthy and functional, which in turn helps regulate the energy flow in ones body. It claims to have verified records in correcting many disorders and diseases, and also relieve chronic pain without pills and surgery.

That is why Bemer technology is questionable and controversial to some. Some skeptics learn to live with it, though, since to them its not new. Placebo and alternative therapy have been around for a long time, anyhow. But it can jangle the nerves of some because there are some people who look upon it as a form of true blue reliable treatment that they dont apply for conventional medicine anymore.

Anyway, this technology had its heyday back in Liechtenstein with its founder, Peter Gleim. It is around twenty years old already, and it has been extensively tested and researched in a sundry medical facilities in America, Asia, and Europe. Like all other questionable developments, it was first meted out on animals. It proffered such excellent results, however, that its continued being used as such. Whenever a domestic animal or a pet is suppressed with stress, low energy and spirits, poor health, discomfort, and restlessness, they are set out to be cured by Bemer.

Among the benefits being claimed by Bemer are general regulation and improvement of health. Its also said to rejuvenate, stepping up ones strength and overall fitness, and also support ones immune system. Even improved mental capacity is also under its clout.

Those who suffer from chronic pains and complaints are also subsumed in the target customers. It supposedly accelerates healing, for injuries, wounds, and convalescence after surgery. Even its healing effects to musculoskeletal degenerative disorders like arthritis are much ballyhooed about. Boost in immune system, improvement of the quality of life of disabled, and relief of age related conditions are also given.

The centerpiece in a set of Bemer equipment is the roll out mattress with inbuilt magnetic coils that is designed to generate magnetic fields which can pulse at different frequencies, intensities, and waveforms. Probes, rings, and cylinders are some such inclusive accessories. With the classic set, a replete with a user friendly touch screen display and control board is included. There are pre set programs that may be toggled to different intensity levels.

What accounts for Bemer technologys popularity is because it si non invasive, and it can be tailored around a persons workaday life. Because it doesnt require any pharmaceutical supplements, there is no danger of overdose and some such side effects. The company also makes it sure that there are managers and local agents that guide in the transaction and procedure. This technology is also much adhered to and has the nifty backing of popular organizations like the Olympics and NASA. It is also certified by the FDA.

Anyhow, it is still important to not forego conventional treatment when you avail of this service. It may be a credit to this technology when we consider that it does no harm if it does no good. It still has many adherents and believers who swear by it.

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