Recovering From Hair Adhesive Remover Damage

By Brenda Russell

Damage to the hair and scalp can be as a result of very many external factors. One of the common factors is the use of hair adhesive remover. It can traumatize the hair and lead to hair breakage and loss. Most women find themselves facing this problem at one point of their lives after using it to remove hair extensions.

When the hair and scalp are damaged from these chemicals, it is important that special treatment is done to stabilize the problems. Part of the special treatment requires that you change how you treat your scalp and hair. This can be done for a duration of time sometimes months, to give the hair and scalp time to recover.

Constant and consistent care should be given to your hair and scalp during this period. You should avoid the use of the adhesives and chemicals that could be attributed to the problem until your hair recovers. This allows your hair to have a stable environment for it to recover quickly. You can then reintroduce them carefully.

Hair experts estimate the recovery process to last up to six months depending on the extent of the problem. As long as one is able to provide constant and consistent treatment to the hair during this period, the problem should be eliminated. The hair at this time should be pictured to be a patient who is in a critical condition at the hospital and needs close monitoring to recover. All the medication and treatment must be delivered as per the prescription for the recovery to be quick for the patient.

The first part of the treatment requires that you provide your hair and scalp with a stable environment. This should last up to twelve weeks before proceeding to the maintenance part of the treatment. The focus of the first part is to prevent further hair loss or hair breakage. You should shampoo your hair on a regular basis and maintain a balanced pH level on your hair and scalp. You should also apply a deep conditioner on your hair that has a protein moisturizing and stabilizing property to help with the rejuvenation, repair, and rebuilding of your hair.

Always apply the deep conditioner to your hair and scalp and focus on the weak areas. Avoid combing the conditioner to your hair and instead, use your hands by rubbing it in from the top of your head. Remember to always handle your hair gently. Never handle it roughly.

Once you are done applying the conditioner, sit in a dryer for a few minutes for the conditioner to work. Rinse if off afterward using warm water. Dry your hair with a towel by blotting the hair and squeezing the strands.

You should then apply hair vitamins that aid in stabilizing the breakage. They fill in the torn and thin areas of the hair shaft thereby increasing the elasticity of your hair. Focus on the weak areas when applying the vitamins.

When going through this treatment, it is crucial that you avoid any form of heating on your hair. The use of blow dry, flat iron, curls and presses should be avoided. Instead, use roller setting and always apply a sculpting lotion on your scalp before you put on the rollers.

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