Leading Albuquerque Therapist Shares The Red Flags Of Suicidal Teens

By Robert Hughes

It is devastating to even imagine that your child is capable of committing suicide. The unfortunate truth is that most of those who proceed to take away their lives will first show several clear warning signs. There are so many things that could turn a teen suicidal and it is not always that the parent is to blame. To be on the safe side, do not shy away from intervening the instant you suspect that something is amiss. Visiting a seasoned Albuquerque therapist could also assist in getting your little one back to enjoying good mental wellness.

One of the signs you need to be on the lookout for is worsening depression. Peer pressure, school and even traumatic events could throw a young person into a serious of never-ending sadness and intense feeling of hopelessness. By seeking therapy, your child can get the much needed treatment and possible get saved from committing suicide.

According to research, eight in every ten suicidal teens will actually talk about wanting to take away their lives. If your child is recently preoccupied with thoughts that revolve around death and ways they can kill themselves, you should know that he or she could be mentally unstable. The need to immediately seek mental health therapy should therefore not be overlooked.

You should know that something is not right if your teenager is getting involved in risky activities. This could involve indulging in self-destructive behaviors such as immoral sex, reckless driving or even drug abuse. You have a reason to ask questions if your child is suddenly acting out of character.

Simply because your son has been charged with DUI does not always mean that he is suicidal. Even so, you must not overlook the need to get to the bottom of sudden risky and reckless behaviors. A reliable therapist can help you determine ways to improve the emotional wellness of your loved one.

It is not normal for someone to suddenly lose interest in all beloved activities. If your kid no longer wants to go for dance lessons, this may not necessarily be a cause for alarm. You even so need to ask questions if the child in question has stopped participating in just about all beloved activities. Talking to your loved one would help them realize that they can always count on you.

Teenagers who no longer want to live could also sell or give away their possessions. If you find a good number of the favorite items of your child are missing, you should again not hold yourself back from asking uncomfortable questions. You must schedule for a visit to a therapist if the answers you get are not convincing or they leave you more confused.

Good mental health is just as important as physical wellness. It is normal for one to get scared when a teen or an adult begins showing the symptoms of being mentally unstable. The good news is that with reliable therapy, your loved one can quickly and effectively recover.

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