Tips On How You Can Write A Good The Birds DU Maurier Summary

By Kenneth Harris

Drafting a synopsis of a novel is a perfect way of absorbing the story. In addition, it offers a great way to remember everything the read is all about. Below are tips on how you can write a good The Birds DU Maurier summary.

It is advisable to write down some notes as you read the novel. Do this by keeping a notebook where you can put down your thoughts. By taking notes, it will be easier for you to record every happening accurately. This will in turn make your work easier later because you will not have to check on the details later. Keep the general impressions, quick thoughts and events separately.

List the characters. You should write down their names, major characteristics as well as their personalities. It is also important to provide a line about their desires and goals. The notes that you create here will help you understand the roles of each of them. Still, it is important to look into the major occurrences in the read.

Break the novel into different area. This will help you avoid getting overwhelmed when summarizing the entire book. Keep in mind that every read has three major sections i. E. Beginning, middle and end. The beginning will majorly focus on character introduction and establishing the setting. The middle will on its part seek to explore the main problem in the story. Lastly, the end will focus on the resolution of the issue.

Determine the key idea of the read. While reading, you should be thinking about the thing that the story seeks to teach. You can easily identify this by considering the theme that keeps coming up. It could be a subject that the characters talk about always or a fatal flaw that results into problems. For example, in nonfiction stories, the main idea is usually something about a society or their history.

When writing a summary, find out about the requirements. When you are working on a college assignment, it is important to consider the set limits. You should look into how much or little the tutor requires you to write. If what you come up with is too short, it could indicate that you never completed the entire novel.

Talk about the major plot points. You need to begin by introducing the title and author of the book. These should be followed by what happened in the story. All these should take only a few sentences to get over with. It is also critical to use the notes that you had jotted down to summarize the unfolding. It is also critical to write about what happens in every section.

Finally, talk about the conclusion of the story by explaining what you think about the lesson it offers. Here, you should also refer to the notes you created so as to notice the theme that repeats itself. It important that when writing a summary, you should remain as neutral as possible. Never write about your personal opinion on how good or bad the author has done.

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