About Bay Area Functional Medicine Practitioners

By Charles Peterson

Although it provides various treatments for numerous health issues, more or less successful, traditional medicine has one main issue. It primarily focuses on diagnosing diseases and treating symptoms. Alternative medicine may or may not be successful in some cases, but it has some values that should be taken into consideration. Bay Area functional medicine practitioners use the best features of both approaches, to be able to provide the best service for their patients.

The main problem of traditional medicine is the fact that it primarily treats only symptoms. This type of a treatment may cure the symptoms, at least for now, but it doesn't remove the cause. Functional medicine focuses on the cause of the illness, in other words, it is more about solving the problems and preventing the disease. Diagnosing methods are mostly the same ones traditional medicine uses, but they don't stop there.

They have different perspective and their goal is to find the reason for any health issue that might occur. They believe that every human body needs to be perfectly balanced, and when this balance doesn't exist, different health problems are only a logical consequence of this. Several factors have have significant influence on this balance, for example lifestyle, nutritional habits or even environmental effects.

Integrative holistic approach includes various healing modalities. Although it uses similar diagnostic methods, it doesn't stop there. They understand that every issue is actually the result of something deeper. The causes could include poor nutrition, genetic factors, hormonal imbalance, and the lack of physical activity, stressful life circumstances, environmental pollution or other factors.

The list of findings used in making diagnosis and prescribing treatments is quite long, because this has to be done in detail. Your physician has to be well informed to be able to find the appropriate treatment, not only to take care of your existing health issues, but also to find the reason for these issues, and to deal with these particular reasons.

A wide variety of different treatments is used in balancing your body. The most common ones are dealing with your nutrition, as well as with detoxification. Considering all important factors in creating the ideal therapy is essential for its success. Every single person is different, and there are no general rules that can be applied to all. You are special, and they know it.

Different type of treatments can also be used for improving your health on much higher level than traditional ones. For example, herbal therapies and comprehensive nutritional approach to the human body can be really highly efficient. Everything should start with detoxification, because different toxins collected within your body conflict its normal functioning. The body should have the ability of healing itself, in ideal conditions.

Of course, various other factors also affect your general health, for example the lack of appropriate physical activities. On the other hand, your body also needs appropriate relaxation. Nothing stands alone. Your body is really complex organism, and focusing only on one individual matter cannot solve the problem. Dealing only with symptoms is too narrow approach, and that's why more profound approaches gain better, long-term results. Functional approach starts with essence, with root problems, and this is the main reason for its success.

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