To Find Treatment For Ventral Hernias Houston Is The Way To Go

By Janet Snyder

Ventral hernia is a type of a medical condition that affects the abdominal area. This is a condition whereby there is the protrusion of abdominal tissues via an opening that is present in the belly. The bulging usually occurs in a weak spot within the muscles of the abdomen. The swelling can happen in any part of the abdomen. When one need experienced surgeons for treating ventral hernias Houston is the place to visit.

The occurrence of this kind of hernia is mostly caused by past surgery. This occurs because of weakness in the muscles as a result of a surgical procedure. The name incisional hernias are usually used to refer to hernias that occur at places of past surgery. Contents within the abdominal cavity are therefore able to push through the weak muscles and bulge outside.

Apart from the incisional hernia there is the strangulated hernia. This type of swelling occurs when the intestines are caught within an opening that is on the abdominal walls. The tissue caught up in the opening cannot go back to the abdomen even when it is pushed. This causes a reduction in the blood supply to the tissues. Such cases of bulges are dangerous to anyone and are taken as medical emergencies.

The strangulated swellings are treated mainly through operations. In the course of the operation the abdomen is dissected so as to push the stuck tissues back to the normal abdominal cavity. The surgery can result in the weakening of the muscles thus evoking the case of incisional hernia. The swellings can occur in any part of the body and are named according to the location that they happen. The point of occurrence determines the intensity of the hernia.

There are certain risk factors that put people at a higher level of probability of developing this kind of hernias. The main risk factors are pregnancy, obesity, injury, family history, heavy lifting or pushing, abdominal surgery, and previous hernias. However, some people are also born with a congenital defect whereby the walls of their abdomens are naturally thin. This increases the chances of the defect occurring later in life.

For individuals to know that they are suffering from this condition there are different symptoms that that one has to put under consideration.Occurrence of these symptoms might be once or at different stages. Such symptoms might not occur in some of the people. Nausea, vomiting, pain in the abdomen, bulging abdominal skin, and mild abdominal discomfort are some of the symptoms that occur because of the hernias.

If the symptoms persist one is advised to seek medical attention as soon as it is possible. The signs may happen immediately or may take some time to occur like weeks or even months. The likelihood of the symptoms in occurring varies from an individual to another hence in some they will be present and other they will not occur.

A visit to the doctor will prompt several diagnostic tests to be carried out. The first action the doctor will take is to perform a physical examination of the patient. After the test has been done, imaging tests will be conducted next. Some of the imaging tests that are used include abdominal ultrasound, abdominal CT scan, and abdominal MRI scan.

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