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By Frances Reynolds

Basically, wrinkles are pesky fine lines that occur on people faces as they age. Some of the factors that weaken the collagen, as well as the elastin found in the youthful skin are such as exposure to the sun, elements, and cigarette smoke. When there are less elastin and collagen in the skin deep layers, it results in less moisture and elasticity which in turn cause the outer layer of the skin to become wrinkly and saggier. However, through wrinkle removal Leesburg FL, you are able to restore your youthful skin.

Today the market provides a variety of treatments to bring back your youthful skin. These forms of treatments are either surgical or medication. The medication treatment use topical retinoids. These are substance that are obtained from vitamin A and includes elements such as tretinoin and tazarotene. When applied on the skin they reduce splotches, smoothens wrinkles and skin roughness. Though these forms of treatment are effective, they cause skin dryness, itching effect, redness, tingling and burning sensation.

There are other treatment techniques known as nonprescription wrinkle creams used in treatment of wrinkles. However, the effectiveness of these creams depends on their ingredients. The results of nonprescription creams are minimal and last for short time. This is due to the less active ingredients present as compared to prescription creams.

The other available solutions are injectable, surgical processes, resurfacing and use of fillers. All the methods used to deal with the wrinkles have their benefits as well as demerits. To get the most effective results you should consult a specialist who can give you more than one treatment.

One such technique is the laser treatment. In the ablative laser resurfacing, the outer skin layer is destroyed using a laser beam. As a result, the underlying skin or the dermis is heated and growth of new collagen is stimulated. As the wound is healing, a tighter and smoother skin is formed. However, it might take several months to heal completely from this resurfacing technique. Some of the risks involved are such as scarring and darkening or lightening of your skin color.

Another way used in treatment of wrinkles is chemical peel. In this technique, the chemical contain an acid that is smeared on the affected zone. The acid takes away the outer skin layer to get rid of wrinkles, freckles, and age spots. Nevertheless, a number of peels are needed to achieve the intended results.

Dermabrasion is another technique used in the removal of wrinkles. The technique is also called dermaplaning and involves sanding or planning the outer layer of your skin using a rotating brush. This technique removes the skin surface and as a result, a new layer grows. This technique may, however, result in scabbing, swelling, and redness that goes away within a few weeks.

Though there are a variety of ways that are commonly used to get rid of pesky fine lines in Leesburg FL, the end product mostly depends on the extent and the area the wrinkles are located. Although, you cannot bring to an end the skin aging process, regular treatments are needed to sustain the benefits.

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