San Mateo Chiropractic Clinic Offers Many Beneficial Service

By Paul Johnson

Life is filled with a whole cache of factors which can negatively impact a person's health in some way, generating pain on various levels. Some of these circumstances include pregnancy, disease, obesity, injuries, accidents, stress, and repetitive movements, can affect an individual's muscular strength, neural function, or bone structure. All of these situations could be addressed by the services offered in a San Mateo chiropractic clinic.

Back related issues are typically the very first thing most people think of when talking about chiropractors. There is no doubt that this is the primary reason the majority of patients seek their services. However, it is quite surprising just how many pain inducing situations are rooted in vertebral misalignment.

Spinal adjustments can be performed by a qualified chiropractor in several different ways. All of them are centered around the manual application of controlled force to precise locations alone one's spine in order to push misaligned vertebrae back into their optimum position. Back pain is alleviated by releasing the pressure and strain off muscles and nerves that might have been contributing to restricted movement.

Depending on the specifics of a patient's situation, their full plan of approach might also include some type of therapeutic massage. The benefits of this technique include the restoration of proper blood flow which is essential to rebuilding muscular strength, the easing of tension that might have built up in the restricted tissue, and nerve stimulation. All of these things contribute to allowing the body to begin its natural healing process and speeding one's recovery.

The second most frequent complaint attended by chiropractors are headaches of all strengths and types. This malady can manifest in a dozen different ways such as cluster, optical, tension, stress, and the most hated of all - migraines. Each classification has a variety of forms within it so the way in which one's pain will be alleviated is going to be based upon data collected through diagnostic testing procedures.

Based on the patient's specific circumstances, the doctor may find it best to begin with making adjustments to the vertebral column in order to release pressure and remove obstructions that impede one's blood blow and nerve communication to the brain. Other techniques which might also be employed could include acupressure, acupuncture, TENS, or cranial and neck massage. It may surprise one to know that most headaches actually due to spinal misalignment.

Many do not realize that chiropractors are qualified to help patients with their weight loss endeavors as well. Being overweight can be a major factor in one's ability to move efficiently, spinal strength, overall wellness, how one feels, cardiovascular health, and posture. Through the use of acupuncture, massage, exercise, dietary planning, adjustments, and other techniques, the doctor can formulate a plan to help an individual slim down and become healthier.

The natural methods of this field of medicine show proven effectiveness for dealing with pain, though no action will be taken until the chiropractor has performed a full diagnostic assessment to ascertain the root source of a patient's problem. They may be performed alone, or as part of a combination, to attend a number of issues. Through the proper alignment of the skeletal frame, blood is able to flow more freely, organs are more capable of functioning as intended, muscles move productively, nerve communication is unimpeded, and a person experiences improved overall health.

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