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By Kenneth Lewis

It has been around for the last, almost two centuries and was brought to America to be practiced around the eighteen fifties. All about Swedish massage maryland takes a look at the subtleties to look out for when booking an appointment of this nature. It is a must for sore and aching bodies as its rejuvenation effects are worthwhile for an energy sapped body.

It was brought about by Per Henrik Ling who devised techniques in treating sore and tired muscles. He was a fencing Instructor and a Swede who developed techniques such as percussion and tapping movements. This technique then came to America and was developed by Dr. Charles and Dr. George Taylor.

The technique makes use of the hands, forearms and elbows to work the superficial layers of various muscle groups. It is not uncommon for the therapist to work really deeply using even elbows so that a greater deal of pressure can be applied to get in deep. Since its inception this form of therapy have become one of the most popular forms of therapy in the world today.

Everybody has different stress levels of the body which determines how deep a therapist can work. The process usually starts off with light work until the therapist can ascertain just how stressed and sore the body is before starting on heavier work. By sense of touch the therapist can determine exactly how deep they can work.

Some therapists have incorporated their own specific brands of Swedish massage to include using cold or hot compresses, hot stones and even some use Aromatherapy oils. In the same way, Aromatherapists who have training in this art will incorporate their oils to address certain problems of the skin and body. So bearing this in mind, some therapists will include other techniques that can include lymphatic drainage.

The body as said should be as warm as possible before starting just as an athlete will warm up before a race or run. This is to avoid straining the muscles when deep techniques such as kneading are used. Usually therapists will warm up towels over a heater and then place them on the client before commencing and also during the session after having worked on a specific area.

Hot stones are also used with rubbing and kneading. These are usually river stones which are round and smooth and can be used for deep pressure work around areas such as the scapular where it is very common to find stress points. Care should be taken though not to press on bones as this can be very painful so a skilled therapist will watch out for this.

Sessions like these which should be booked at least once a week offer the client a time to relax and gather themselves for the next week to come. It is also a way to avoid more dangerous illnesses as a therapist is trained to pick up other abnormalities whilst working. It puts the person in a place of peace both of mind and soul and is sort after by millions of people around the world who are wanting respite from tired and worn out bodies.

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