The Many Benefits Of Consulting A Chiropractor In Fairfax

By Margaret Davis

When people experience pain day and night they can easily develop depression, a feeling of hopelessness and loss of life enjoyment. This is the lot of many thousands of people. They cannot cope from day to day because they are in constant pain. Many patients have resorted to home remedies, a wide variety of prescription drugs and even alternative medicine. The good news is that, after consulting a chiropractor in Fairfax many of them finally find a permanent solution.

It is not true that chiropractic treatment focuses on the treatment of back pain. Practitioners focus on the alignment of the spine. They believe that if the spine is out of alignment, pain is caused. This pain can manifest in different parts of the body. The pain can only be alleviated by aligning the spine again. Spine alignment is therefore the only focus of chiropractic practitioners.

Practitioners firmly believe in the natural healing abilities of the body, which is performed by the immune system. They believe that when the spine is ill aligned, pressure, great pressure even, is put upon the nervous network and this causes the immune system to fail. The solution is to remove the source of the problem. This means that once the spine is aligned, the pressure on the nervous system is taken away and the natural immunity can work properly.

Practitioners treat a wide variety of different types of pain. The majority of their patients suffer from back ache, but they have also achieved remarkable results with patients suffering from pain caused by arthritis, neck pain, headaches and sore necks, joints and ligaments. These professionals are also particularly popular with professional athletes and some teams even employ chiropractic specialists.

One of the main benefits of chiropractic treatment is the fact that such treatment is never invasive. Patients therefore do not have to worry about complications such as infections. No drugs are used, either and this means that no patient suffers from side effects so common when using prescription drugs. Practitioners use a wide variety of techniques to treat patients, but all of them focus on the alignment of the spine.

Chiropractic treatment is seen as alternative medicine. Yet a large number of practitioners qualified as medical doctors before they studied this discipline. There is a great deal of mutual respect between the medical and the chiropractic fraternities and patients are often referred by both doctors and chiropractors. Doctors commonly acknowledge that chiropractic treatment has proven to be effective when they could not help.

Patients are not only treated, but also taught how to make sure that their spines remain in proper alignment. This can be done by using a quality mattress, by regularly performing low impact exercises that will help increase overall flexibility and by avoiding a poor posture when sitting, standing or walking. Using furniture that are designed for ergonomic purposes also helps.

Chiropractors enjoy an enviable success rate. Many patients will actually not see a medical doctor before they have consulted a chiropractic practitioner. Many studies have concluded that chiropractic treatment is not only safe, but that it produces remarkable results in most cases.

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