Prevent Migraines With The Help Of A Winnipeg Chiropractor

By Darcy Gautreau

Chiropractic, a natural approach to healthcare, seeks to identify underlying causes of health problems, rather than just treating symptoms. A Winnipeg chiropractor offers effective therapies to mitigate a variety of conditions, including migraine headaches.

Chiropractic is geared toward activating the body's natural healing processes to alleviate migraines and other conditions. The brain controls all body functions by sending messages to nerves, organs, and tissues through the spinal cord. When the spine isn't properly aligned, nerve signal transmission is disrupted, causing pain and other issues.

By properly aligning the spine, nerve signals can be able to travel properly in the body. This leads to a healthy life.

When you see the professional for the first time, they will assess you to find out whether your migraines are as a result of a misaligned spine. The practitioner will carry out an x-ray and set up a follow up appointment for you.

When you go back for your results, the practitioner will show you how to interpret your x-ray. They will also inform you what Chiropractic is all about and what needs to be done to correct the problem. They will let you know how long the whole procedure will take and how much it will cost and then leave you to make the final decision as to whether to have your spine aligned or not.

The brain stem controls several processes and functions, including heart rate, digestion, focus and control, sleeping cycles, and the release of hormones. The atlas bone, located in the upper cervical spine, protects the brain stem. This upper vertebra is the most important part of the spine. If a misalignment of the atlas is discovered, the Winnipeg chiropractor administers gentle adjustments to correct the problem. The technique involves such light pressure that patients often don't feel the bone being moved into place. The chiropractor uses the Pettiboon corrective technique to restore spinal alignment.

In some cases, medical doctors cannot determine the cause of a patient's migraines, and painkillers are ineffective. CT scans may come back normal, yet pain persists. Chiropractic has proven beneficial even for migraine sufferers who could not be helped with traditional medicine. Regular adjustments can reduce or even eliminate migraine headaches.

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