Find Relief For Back Pain By Consulting With A Kent WA Chiropractor

By Kurt Saniel

Most individuals in the U. S. A have backache at times. A Kent WA chiropractor can perform massage to alleviate some conditions such as back pain. Massage therapy is meant to meet the needs of all patients.

The target of muscular and massage therapy is the affected areas to relieve musculoskeletal issues. Massage has many benefits. It reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, reduces muscle pain and reduces spasms. It also improves circulation and range of motion.

Massage has been used since the ancient days. Since then, it has become highly specialized and is used all over the world. The kind of technique utilized depends on the injury and condition of a patient.

Evidence supports the benefits of massage. While most of it is anecdotal, a 2007 study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine reviewed prior research, concluding that massage is most effective in alleviating non-specific lower back pain. A 2010 University of California, Los Angeles study revealed that massage causes patients to produce lower levels of hormones associated with stress and inflammation.

Massage is beneficial, particularly for people who suffer from chronic pain. This pain is recurrent or constant and lasts three or more months. Many people who have back pain experience chronic pain. A Kent chiropractor often performs massage together with spinal manipulation. If a patient has more complicated conditions that require massage techniques, which are out of the scope of chiropractic, he or she can see another holistic professional that works together with a chiropractor to offer optimal therapeutic care.

Massage is typically performed with the hands, but chiropractors can use other devices to facilitate healing. An example is heat therapy that involves taking a warm whirlpool bath. The water jets provide a massage experience. The other strategy is fluidotherapy. This is a dry strategy that involves the circulation of cellulose particles on the skin.

Similarly, taking a cold bath in a tub or ice massage provides similar advantages as the strategies above while minimizing biochemical reactions and internal bleeding that cause inflammation. When cold therapy is performed, there is a reduced chance of the cells found in injured tissues will die as a result of lacking oxygen. Kent chiropractors use various massage techniques to stimulate recovery.

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