Finding Horse Decor For Living Room Eclat

By John West

Mankind has always been fascinated with the horse. Legends have grown up around them in almost every culture. Famous men like Alexander the Great and Robert E. Lee had horses almost as well-known as they were. Greek and Roman gods had horses, as did the sun, a handsome young man who drives his fiery horses across the sky. It's no wonder that people use horse decor for living room ambiance.

From the first person to tack a horseshoe over the door - open end up to hold the luck - to the most exotic picture of a unicorn, you have an enormous selection. The ancient Chinese and Egyptians immortalized horses in sculpture, pottery, and murals. Ancient reliefs showed Greek and Roman gods driving horses across the sky and flying them to heroic heights. Middle Age knights, brave cavalry soldiers, and American Indians rode warhorses into epic battles. Every little girl wants a pony. All of this human ardor for horses has been translated into art objects you can use to decorate your home.

Statues of horses range from collectible figurines to priceless art. You can even turn one into a lamp. People sometimes have a full-size carousel horse prancing behind the couch. Depictions of steeds with flowing manes and tails on lampshades and picture frames take up less room and can be just as eye-catching. Use a heavy cast iron horse for a door stop.

For a traditional look, get a vintage or reproduction hunt print. Actually, artists are still creating original paintings about contemporary subjects, since the sport of foxhunting is still flourishing in America. These scenes of horse and hound are generally matted in red and framed in dark wood - an elegant, country effect. These prints evoke the rich history of England, Ireland, and our own colonial period.

Hunting print scenes are also common on coasters, which look great on end tables throughout the room. Prints and pictures can focus on racehorses, jumpers, or harness horses with an equally fine effect. If you have had winners in any area of the sport, you might be able to display trophies on your mantel. An award might also be a silver tray - perfect for decanter and glasses - or an engraved bowl that you can use for flowers or fruit.

If you're tastes run to western art and accessories, that's another whole world to draw from. Cowboys and the horses that they rode have been popular in America since they first showed up in big hats and tooled boots. (Actually. Boots make a good accent piece, whether they are the tall black ones worn by English riders or a hand-stitched pair from Texas.) People decorate with original paintings and prints of lone cowboys in the mountains or desert, cattle drives and stampedes, or wild horses roaming the range. Artisans use horse motifs on rugs and throws, wastepaper baskets, magazine racks, and other useful items.

Those who actively engage in the horse world often bring it inside. They might drape a colorful saddle blanket over the back of a couch, hang a bridle on the wall, or have a saddle on a free-standing rack in one corner. Any of these make great conversation starters, and horse owners usually have a million good memories and great stories. Since everyone pretty much likes horses, even if they've never touched one, these distinctive touches make a room accessible.

For inspiration or to find great items new and used, browse the Internet. There will be everything from A to Z to make your personal space your very own.

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