About The Total Coverage Foundation

By Donna Stevens

This is a type of makeup that is used globally. Produced in 40 shades and contains 32% pigment. It is made with emollients and anti-oxidants. This concentration of pigment is for long wearing coverage. It protects the skin against free radicals that can interact with it. It also gives you a radiant second skin finish. We can hence discuss the details of total coverage foundation.

The stocks name describes what to expect when you use it. The product is made to serve two body types; the dry and oily. This type covers you without any pore exposed. This means that you are completely protected under the layer of makeup. When choosing the base to purchase, one should consider the type of skin to be applied onto.

The purpose of is to make a person look better and confident. This is made to merge with peoples color. This has made the modeling industry adopt it. The fashion industry has adopted it since it makes people look better. These factors have led to the wide acceptance in the fashion and modeling industry.

It has the indisputable ability to cover unwanted scars. Getting exposed to sunlight and accidents may lead to discoloring and uneven pigmentation. Everyone needs to look good and makeup is a good remedy for that. Through using it, a client is able to cover the pigmentation or scars they may not like.

One should be very careful while choosing a makeup. This is because you need to choose a shade that complements your skin. Once applied, it should be able to disappear into your skin and give you an even tone. If you choose a different shade from your skin color, there will be a clash and the finishing will not give you the desired look. Mostly important to choose the right shade so as to get that stunning looks.

The lines of production consider four major classes. These are majorly distinguished with the mode of application. The classes are liquid, cream, powder, and stick. Women like the liquid due to its ease of use. They also love it because once it is applied; it fits in well as an additional skin. This liquid product is applicable using a brush, sponge or fingertips. The fingertips can be used to rub in rounded motion.

The cream makeup has preference with women who have a skin that is not oily. Usually packaged in compact cases; these are popular for giving good coverage. They perform well when it comes to night outs but care should be taken when it comes to the eyes. They have a heavy base. Makeup of stick version is a two-in-one that is used to cover. This version is portable.

The powder form is best for use after taking a shower. It has a light feeling and has an advantage of non-stickiness. The oily skin and women who are affected by acne respond well to it. When these products are used correctly, they give you a spotlessly beaming finish. They are affordable and can be availed to the consumer at their comfort. Choose the right product if you want to experience change.

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