A Guide To Affordable Chiropractor In Santa Monica For Beginners

By Helen Hom

It is normal to feel anxious during your first visit to a chiropractor. You have no idea what to expect or what to say despite inquiring from other people, watching videos reading books, browsing for articles, etc. You might also be worried of what the Santa Monica Chiropractors will ask or do to your body. How should you prepare for this first visit?

It is common to fear visits to chiropractors. After all, they do not prescribe medicines that are tangible. Their practice is unfamiliar to most people. Though there are benefits associated with this alternative practice, it is not clear how to tap into them and if they work for all conditions. With prior knowledge, you will make the best of your first appointment.

The first visit or appointment should be regarded as simple consultation. The common question is why you are visiting, the source of discomfort or pain, whether it is intense or not, etc. Endeavor to be as open and detailed as possible when responding to questions. The answers will assist the therapist to design a personalized treatment package for you. Without full disclosure, treatment will not be effective.

Tension is normal especially emanating from the questions asked and manner of handling by the chiropractor. Chiropractic also involves physical handling or contact where the attendant seeks to establish the exact area where there is tension or pain. Since these are trained professionals, they know and respect boundaries. Contact also helps them to pinpoint the exact are and thus avoid misdiagnosis.

Do chiropractors hurt you during treatment? Most patients have reported comfort and a feeling of relief. They report this as the best decision they ever made about their health. The feel good effect goes beyond the appointment session. The first session may be characterized by pain and discomfort especially due to tension and the sensitivity of affected area. However, this pain does not resemble that of a wound. It is brought about by soreness.

The discomfort or soreness that results is similar to what you get after working out or a massage session. Some people are scared of the sound that accompanies treatment. It may be popping or small blasts but there is no pain. The sound is similar to what you feel when you crack your knuckles. You are advised to get used to this sound because it will be part of your sessions.

Most patients are concerned about the professionalism of therapists. To avoid being duped, demand to see a valid practicing license. Such a person must be accredited to offer the services in your area. The clinic should also have operating permits. Check with regulation and registration bodies to ascertain that your target therapist is not flagged for malpractice.

At a personal level, is the best practitioner male or female? Well, this largely depends on personal choice. All practitioners are equally trained and qualified. The decision to go with a male or female chiropractor will depend on how comfortable you are with either. The effectiveness of treatment largely depends on this comfort level.

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