Simple Ways On How To Use Essential Oils For Sleep

By Amy Gibson

Sleep deprivation is a condition in which a person is being deprived or do not have enough sleep. This can either be chronic deprivation or acute deprivation. Chronic deprivation often causes daytime sleepiness, weight gain or weight loss, fatigue, and clumsiness. It can also affect the brain and the cognitive functions. However, there are also some cases in which it can help increase the alertness and energy and enhances the mood as well.

Insomnia has already reached an epidemic proportion to developing countries where in people become more and more busy. And for this reason, they are very prone to stress, and thus, they cannot have enough time for having a rest. To not get an enough time to sleep often results to having negative health effects. To practice on making use of the essential oils for sleep is very helpful.

A lavender essential oil is a most favorite type compared to other types in a mint family. Lavender is one of the most popular types in essential oils. This is known because of its acquired induce sleep property which is backed up with the scientific researches. Some effective ways which are utilized because of its effectiveness are for lavender infused pillow, sleeping masks, pillow spray, bath salts, sachets, candles, and massage oils.

Second is the roman chamomile. The oil consists of an amount of very light aroma of floral and also, it consists of some properties used for relaxation. One useful way on reaping the benefits may include using this as diffuser or apply it to the bottom of feet. During the application, only few drops should be utilized and the drops are diluted into a carrier oil. These drops may be also an additional component to skin moisturizers, shampoos, and conditioners.

Third is cedarwood. Aside from being powerful for being expectorant, antiseptic, and anti inflammatory, cedarwood can also be calming, comforting, and relaxing. Its properties such as having an aromatic woodsy and warm scent can make you feel like you are cuddling up together with your favorite book or with a cup of coffee or tea. Putting this in the diffuser can stimulate the pineal glands that releases melatonin which is necessary for sleeping regulation. Place a few drops to the wrists, neck, and forehead.

The orange oil helps to reduce the feeling of anxiety. Citrus oils of any types contain the properties for helping depression. A disadvantage in using this is it can cause photo sensitivity whenever a person using it is being exposed to light in 12 hours. So one good suggestion here is to use it at night. The abdomen is applied with few drops only. A soothing skin cream may be mixed together with orange oil and with coconut oil.

Fifth is a valerian. In sleeping, this is very common as well. It helps a person fall asleep faster and helps the person stay asleep for several hours. It includes properties of grounding and of calming. This is applied unto feet and wrists.

Using these naturally made essential oils alone or combining it with the other types can be one effective way for promoting sleep. Another thing is to realize that these may not work on you. It may sometimes work to other people but not effective to you.

So always check the oils with qualified practitioners before using it. Testing them is always the good idea to ensure no allergies. And lastly, buy those types having high and the best qualities to acquire the best results.

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