After Lasik San Antonio Patients Can Look Life In The Eye Again

By Maria Bailey

In a hypothetical situation where every human being will have to choose one of his five senses to sacrifice very few, if any, will choose their eye sight. The ability to see is paramount to any form of independence in modern society. When the eye sight is gone the sufferer can no longer drive, play sports or enjoy a film or a show. Quality of life simply plummets. Fortunately, with lasik San Antonio patients can confidently look forward to being able to see clearly again.

The popularity of laser eye surgery simply keeps rising. During the past three decades close to thirty million patients received this treatment, which is most beneficial for those suffering from astigmatism or far and near sightedness. During surgery the cornea is shaped so that light entering the eye will focus properly on the retina. This is achieved by using a high precision laser tool.

The treatment enjoys an enviable reputation for its very high success rate and the vast majority of patients are very satisfied with the results. More than ninety give per cent of patients actually enjoy perfect sight after the treatment, forsaking their glasses and contact lenses. The procedure is performed quickly under a local anaesthetic. No stitches are applied and the patient can expect a full recovery within a day or two.

The cost of this type of surgery can be rather steep, but if the cost of regular visits to the optician, new glasses and contact lenses are taken into account patients actually save in the long term. The value of being able to once again enjoy sport and other activities can hardly be expressed in terms of money. Most medical insurance companies will cover the cost of the procedure.

The procedure is considered to be extremely safe but any surgical intervention carries some risks of complications developing with infection at the top of the list. This very rarely occur. Other patients have said that they have experienced blurred vision for a while, with halos and star bursts. Most patients report that their eyes feel dry but this is expected for a while.

Surgeons instruct their patients to follow a few basic precautions for a few days after surgery. They need to wear eye patches in bed to prevent them from scratching or rubbing they eyes whilst sleeping. They need to complete a full course of antibiotics and they must wear efficient dark glasses when they are out of doors. Patients that ignore these instructions are more likely to develop complications.

Choosing a surgeon should be undertaken with circumspect. It is vital that the chose surgeon is not only fully qualified to perform the procedure but highly experienced in doing so. Patients should never feel too intimidated to ask for references. No reputable surgeon will agree to perform the procedure without performing a full assessment and without making sure that the patient is fully informed on what to expect.

There can be no doubt that laser treatment has not only restored they eye sight of millions of patients, but in effect also restored their ability to enjoy life. The procedure has been proven as safe and potential complications can be prevented by following instructions. Hopefully, millions more will get a new lease on life with laser surgery.

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