Importance Of Morrilton AR Colonoscopy

By Pamela Bailey

Colonoscopy refers to a technique that is used by medical physicians to take a look at the linings of the colon. The process is accomplished using a device called a colonoscope. Colonoscope is shaped like a tube, and is as flexible too. The length varies between 125 centimeters and 183 centimeters. Images of the colon linings are taken using a video camera which is attached to the colonoscope. Morrilton AR colonoscopy professionals need to be considered by anyone who needs to have the process done because they are highly experienced.

A colonoscope can be used to take pictures and videos of the entire colon as well as the lower section of the small intestine. Another similar test to colonoscopy is referred to as sigmoidoscopy, and it is used to observe the rectum and lower parts of the colon alone. Thus, the two tests are usually used together in most cases.

The colonoscope is inserted slowly into the colon to avoid any form of discomfort. The doctor may have to pump a small amount of air into the colon so as to keep it open. This makes observation much easier and the images produced much clearer. The pictures taken are usually projected on a TV screen where they can be observe and analyzed.

The examination usually takes about thirty minutes to complete depending on various factors. The patient may need to be sedated or give some other kind of medication to make them sleep while the process is being undertaken. It is advisable to bring someone along so that they can help one getting back home. The doctor usually determines how frequently the examination needs to be done. Usually, it will be done once in every ten years, unless one is at a higher risk of colon cancer.

Various kinds of medical conditions can be checked and diagnosed using this procedure. To begin with, it can be used to verify existence of ulcers, colon polyps, areas of bleeding and inflammation in the colon, and tumors. During the process, abnormal growths within the large intestine may need to be removed and a biopsy taken. Precancerous growths and rectal or colon cancer can also be checked using this diagnostic test.

The test is also used for checking causes of iron deficiency anemia, unexplained weight loss, rectal bleeding, dark or black stool, and diarrhea. Barium anema, stool test, virtual colonoscopy, MRI, and CT scan among other diagnostic tests produce abnormal results, which may need to be verified using this process. Inflammatory bowel disease is sometimes treated and watched using this technique.

Clearing out of the colon is the first step in this procedure. Clearing out the large intestine is called colon prep. Several different methods are used for colon prep and the doctor often describes which one to be used. A typical colon prep will take 2-3 days. Some preps may only need to be performed in the evening before the test is undertake in the morning.

The prep has been known to be worse than the actual test in some people. Bowel prep is often very uncomfortable. The clear liquid diet often makes people feel hungry. During the prep period, people often need to use the bathroom a lot. As such, it is important to be near one at all times.

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