How To Treat Your Child To Unique, Limited Edition Children

By Clinton Arnhold

As many people have discovered, the quality of common market children's clothing in Northern California has become rather disappointing. They tend to be cheaply made and either shrink with the first washing, fade, or bleed colors over other items in the same laundry load. The seams are poorly constructed and come apart easily enough to make a parent wary of every purchasing those brands again.

So what is your alternative? There are companies producing quality children's clothing in Northern California right now! Here's a list of some of the myriad good qualities of this clothing:

- Kids love the feel of fine quality, hand-loomed cotton in cute hand-block prints. Parents like that the products are ethically manufactured by skilled artisans using top rate natural dyes.

- These stylishly casual items are durably made to last long enough to even be passed down to other kids as they are outgrown.

- All of the prints are original and come in a variety of both vibrant and muted colors.

- Fine quality children's clothing in Northern California are handmade from heritage textiles, and are guaranteed to be naturally hypoallergenic. Heritage textiles can be wool, silk, or natural cotton and are created by skilled artisans.

Kalamkari is an exceptionally wonderful heritage textile that is painstakingly decorated with a pen known as a kalam. It has 17 unique steps in the complicated fabric decorating process. It originated in 13th century India, and is still manufactured in the Southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh, where the traditional craft has been passed through generations of artisans and weavers.

The dyes in this clothing are all natural, and are made from flowers, stems, leaves, bark, naturally occurring metals, and minerals. Each item of clothing is washed after each color is applied, and can be washed 20 times before the fabric is ready to be sold.

- hand-block printing, which has been used in India for more than 250 years, is used to create the designs on some of the clothes. It is a process where an image is transferred to special blocks, one for each distinct color, giving the impression of a relief carving. The wooden applicators are firmly pressed to the cloth by hand in a process that is both slow and quite labor intensive, to create the artistic patterns.

- Few things feel better against the skin than 100% fair trade t-shirts made with certified organic materials. The cotton is grown without the use of genetically modified (GMO) seeds, synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Healthy growing soil helps maintain a fine balance of only beneficial insect influence, and any weeds are removed as soon as they appear in the fields.

The World Trade Organization's definition of fair trade is a business partnership based in open dialog, mutual respect and full transparency, in order to promote better equality in the practices of international trading. Buyers pay an amount that is adequate enough that the artisans and cotton producers can sustain an acceptable livelihood. In exchange, consumers get quality products while encouraging positive social change.

Unique children's clothing is now available in Northern California!

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