Learn How A Laguna Hills Chiropractor Helps Disc Decompression

By Kurt Saniel

If the spinal column is compressed, it presses against the sensitive nerve roots that begin in the spinal cord. There is a technique used by chiropractors to relieve the pressure. A Laguna Hills Chiropractor will offer spinal decompression after completing a thorough evaluation of your condition.

A motorized traction table is used to administer this method. As it relieves pain, it also enables natural healing of bulging, herniated or degenerated spinal discs. These small discs lie between the vertebrae and act to keep these small hollow bones from rubbing against each other as the body moves about.

Your first meeting with the chiropractor will be spent discussing your condition, examining your spine and performing other tests. Range of motion and your strength are measured. An x-ray will often be used to help clarify the clients condition.

Some people are not good candidates for this type of care. For example, pregnant women, someone with a tumor, someone taking a blood thinner or if there is an artificial disc implanted in the spine. They are referred to another health care professional.

Your evaluation will determine if this is the optimal care for you. A schedule will be set up for them to be administered. The spine is alternately stretched and relaxed in a controlled way. The theory is that healing is enabled by the movement of the portion of the disc that is herniated.

The client is placed in a harness around the hips. This attaches to the lower section of the movable table. That lower half is then moved from side to side. No pain is inflicted. Rather, a pleasant feeling of stretching takes place.

The pain is reduced incrementally, providing more relief with each session. Usually fifteen to thirty sessions are needed. In some instances adjunctive care may by given, such as massage.

Counseling is provided on how much water to drink and what exercise routine to follow at home. These are custom-designed for each client. Nutritional advice may be provided as well. Following these self-help recommendations will promote your rehabilitation.

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