Gaining An Understanding Of Wilmington Sports Injuries

By Donna Olson

Injuries of different kinds usually occur as a result of participation in exercise or the various forms of athletic activities. There are many reasons why sport-related injuries occurs. The main ones are overuse of certain parts of the body, accidents, inadequate equipment, and poor training practices. This area of study is important because it ensures that athletes are at their optimal level of performance and also has several economic perspectives. In Wilmington sports injuries are one of the areas that are well-studied and has many highly trained and experienced doctors working in it.

In the United States alone, it is approximated that over thirty million children and teenagers take part in some form of organized sport. Out of all children and teenagers, over three million of them are kept away from participation by some form of injury. Although occurring in rare cases, brain injury is the main cause of death in various games. Brain injury causes effect on two major systems of the body, that is, the vascular and nervous system.

Contact games such as rugby union, Gaelic football, Australian rules football, association football, American football, and rugby league often result in traumatic injuries in most cases. Traumatic injury in this games result due to the dynamic and high level of collision involved in them. Players have to collide with objects, the ground, and each other while playing. Limbs and joints are injured due to unexpected dynamic forces placed on them by sudden movements.

Traumatic injury fall in many different categories. The main ones are contusion, strain, sprain, spinal cord injury, cramp, head injury, wound, and bone fracture. Contusion occurs due to bleeding within tissues, which occur when damage is caused to small blood vessels. Muscle fibers may be torn or overstretched, resulting in a strain. Sprains are caused by overstretching of ligaments beyond capacity, which causes injury in joints.

Wounds are caused by puncture or abrasion of the skin while bone fractures occur when bones break in the body. In severe cases, spinal cord injury may occur where the central nervous system of spine is injured. Cramps are also very common among athletes. It occurs when muscles in the body contract strongly, causing immense pain that lasts for a few minutes. The pain can often be eradicated by massaging the affected muscles.

Many teams maintain close ties with medical communities because professional games are characterized heavily by injury. Team physicians are also retained by many teams. The study and research of injury caused by exercise and sport in order to reduce severity and formulate treatment regimens is done under the field of sports medicine. As technology advances, this field is also evolving very fast.

Injury in games can be combated in many ways, including prevention. Many benefits have been linked to prevention, including longer duration of participation, reduced medical costs, healthier athletes, and better performance. Therefore, team trainers, sport teams, coaches, and individual athletes are often encouraged to attend sport injury prevention programs

There are three different classes of sport injury prevention that are in existence today, that is, primary, tertiary, and secondary. The concern of the primary category is avoidance of injury at all. The secondary category concerns itself with diagnosis and treatment of injury. The tertiary category is concerned with rehabilitation after experiencing traumatic injury.

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