Auto Accident Pain Sufferers Find Relief With New York Chiropractor

By Melisa Carlucci

Your injuries that result from being a car accident victim can range from muscular tension to something as painful as whiplash. The aftermath may include psychological repercussions that make it difficult to decide what to do. Many find answers in one of the chiropractor offices Manhattan NY has available.

Take the time to make an appointment and find out what, if any, care plan you want to pursue. You can go for days without any symptoms of whiplash becoming obvious. You will want chiropractic help to alleviate the pain.

Your first appointment will be spent discussing your condition. You will be asked where the pain is on your body, if it is constant and how severe it seems. Your spine will be examined and you might need an x-ray. Following the exam a plan for care can be recommended.

Whiplash injury to the neck is quite common, especially in rear-end collisions. The head is snapped forward and back rapidly. This is similar to the damage babies suffer from in a case of shaken baby syndrome. Even at a low speed, it is possible for your neck to be too stiff to turn from side to side without pain.

The seven cervical vertebrae located in the neck are subluxated. This means they are jerked out of the normal aligned position. This causes pressure against the nerve roots, which are located in the spinal cord. The pain may be excruciating. Most often, a course of spinal adjustments are the recommended method of care to return them to the normal position.

It may be hours and sometimes days before the stiffness of whiplash sets in. That is why you benefit from an immediate chiropractic examination. That way, care can be planned and started as soon as possible. It is understandable that you are concerned with fixing your car. However, your physical health should be of primary concern at this difficult time.

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