Tick Removal Do's & Don'ts From Organic Tick Control Companies

By David Kellan

Tick removal is a topic that many people don't know much about. As a matter of fact, the methods that they might have been taught might not be the most useful. This is why it's important to be aware of tick removal do's & don'ts, which organic tick control companies will be able to cover in ample detail. Here are just a few of the aforementioned do's & don'ts that you would be wise to follow to a science.

DO use a pair of tweezers. If you're going to remove a tick from your body, reputable names like Alternative Earthcare will stress the importance of using a pair of tweezers. One of the reasons for this is that they are fine-tipped, meaning that they will be able to easily grab onto the pest in question. This will also result in gentle removal, which won't impact your skin. Any organic tick control will say the same.

DON'T be slow to clean the spot. After the tick has been removed from your body, the spot where it once rested must be treated. You can do this by thoroughly washing it with soap and water, though there are numerous solutions that may provide better results. Regardless of what you're comfortable with, cleaning this spot as soon as possible is important. The fact that it will reduce the risk of tickborne disease should be reason enough to practice this level of hygiene.

DO take advantage of heat. Another way to remove ticks is by taking care of your clothing. To be more specific, you should expose your clothes to high levels of heat so that it can kill any ticks that linger on the fabric. You can run your clothes through the dryer so that the heat from it will be able to take care of these pests. This is just one of the ways that you can take advantage of heat for the sake of tick removal.

DON'T let the spot go overlooked in the future. Even if you were able to quickly remove the tick from your body, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't routinely check the spot it once rested. After all, tick bites can occur from out of nowhere, meaning that everyone should be vigilant. Fortunately, visible signs like the development of a rash can be easily picked up on. If you see symptoms such as this, call your doctor to make an appointment.

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